I fell into debt and I don’t know how to get out of it. So for 15 years my life is one torment … I want to end it, because I’m afraid for my own life, I have already paid off debts a lot, but also a lot to pay back arrears in ZUS, settlement in ZUS, payday loans, private debt … and I don’t earn much at present, I’m still sinking.

I want to buy your guide, but I don’t know where? and I am also interested in additional work with you, greetings Jolanta.

I fell into debt

debt loan

“I wrote this guide after I won this unequal fight with debts and shared my knowledge with other indebted people whom I met along the way. Many have followed my example and from what I know, they live peacefully today.”

I think that such guides are always worth the price, because they are written by experience and based on real experiences. No one who has not yet been in such huge debts as Mrs. Alona Pendel (half a million dollars) will never know what he feels then and how to fight for a peaceful life!

I have already seen many different guides on getting out of debt, after reading a few pages of the text I put the “reading” into “never eternal”.

You can immediately see that these pseudo guides are written by people who have never got into real serious debts, how can they know what to be guided in such a difficult situation?

15 years of debt fighting

A great deal of time you are struggling with debts and I admire that you still have the desire to fight to get out of debt completely – to zero . Unfortunately, I do not know the details of your debt, but I would like to advise you to minimize losses by paying off the most expensive debt first.

Listing all your debts and deleting debt manually is also very helpful. Not only that we have an overview of all our debts then, we are also eyewitnesses of our success, like every deleted loan repayment, brings us closer and closer to getting out of debt.

I keep my fingers crossed for you and I hope that after reading Ms. Alona’s e-book you will gain even more momentum in getting out of debt.